HealthyBite Brigade:

About Us

Woman-owned, focused on neurodivergent employment and more!

Who is Healthy Bite Brigade?

HealthyBite Brigade is woman-owned and focused on providing employment for adults on the autism spectrum (AKA neurodiverse). When you host one of our healthy vending machines at your location or enroll in our healthy snack subscriptions, you and your company are helping to empower neuro-diverse people in the local community.

Our Story:

I owe credit for the start of HealthyBite Brigade to both of my daughters, one of which has high-functioning autism, the other ADHD.

I was saddened by how difficult it was for them to have successful job interviews, let alone maintain stable employment. These difficulties stem from their struggles with neurodivergent symptoms and a manager’s lack of empathy or basic knowledge. There are amazing tools and accommodation strategies out there that help employers utilize neurodivergent employees’ strengths.

This inspired me to get my MBA so I could sharpen the skills I needed in order to build a business that could fulfill my goal of employing neurodivergent employees. I also needed to identify what industry would be compatible with these goals. As I worked on my studies and conducted my research I realized that vending would be perfect for creating entry-level employee positions focusing on various skill sets.

And thus, HealthyBite Brigade was born.

Before I completed my MBA I bought a set of modern combo vending machines and started scouting for locations so that by the time I received my MBA I was already out of the starting gate.

Fast forward 2 years later, we now have 5 talented neurodivergent team members who perform various functions within the business and we have machines hosted in 6 locations, the new subscription service rolling out, with 2-3 more ideas in the pipeline!

Our Mission

Make the world a happier place by spreading healthier snacks and drinks to businesses, and train and gainfully employ young neurodivergent adults.

Why Neurodivergent Employees?

Well, why not? Microsoft recognizes the value. Here’s what they had to say in an article from Employer Benefit News:

“While many companies have examined diversity through the lenses of race and gender, neurodiversity is often overlooked — but this tech giant is putting their inclusive hiring efforts front and center…


Neurodiversity recognizes the difference in how people experience and interact with the world around them, and includes those with autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, dyslexia, or Tourette’s syndrome. But these differences could cause companies to exclude candidates before they can even get a foot in the door: the unemployment rate for neurodivergent adults is eight times the average rate in the U.S., sitting at 30% to 40%, according to University of Connecticut’s Center for Neurodiversity and Employment Innovation…


‘Neurodiversity is about recognizing that no two minds are alike,” says Neil Barnett, director of inclusive hiring and accessibility at Microsoft. ‘By just being more inclusive in your interview process, you will find incredible talent you may have been otherwise screening out.’

HealthyBite Brigade values these people because they tend to be creative, intently focused, possess a strong sense of “fairness”, eager to share novel ideas, intuitive, perfectionistic, strongly entrepreneurial, strongly empathetic, and passionate. Once someone realizes these awesome people are out there, why wouldn’t they want to employ them?

Our Employees

Software, Delivery Team

Vending Team

Why Healthy Snacking for Employees?

The average American adult spends 50% of their day at work. The atmosphere of a workplace has a tremendous impact on the mental and physical health of adults. Providing wellness programs at work improves productivity and companies’ bottom line. Healthy snacking is an important part of worksite wellness.