Plenty of Healthy Options to Choose From

From healthy beverages to something crunchy or chewy, we know you’ll love our selection.

Healthy Snack Subscription (Cache Valley only)

  • Perfect for any business or office that has between 1 – 50 staff

  • Delivered monthly or bi-monthly to your workplace during office hours in a recycled box, the 3rd week of the month between Wed and Fri.

  • A variety of delicious single-serving, shelf-stable, healthier snacks that are crispy, chewy, crumbly or munchy. Selection will vary from month to month.

Bulk Vending Machine

  • You only provide a countertop or corner for the machine

  • 20% profit commission goes to host location

  • Looks like a traditional coin-operated candy machine, but has healthier options tailored to location

  • Perfect for establishments where children visit or elderly people are served

  • HBB will monitor & keep the machine filled

  • Takes quarters only

Combo Vending Machine

  • Customer only hosts the machines
  • 20% profit commission for the host location
  • The perfect option for business if foot traffic is 50+ people
  • Minimal electricity cost as machines are very energy efficient
  • Contains snacks AND drinks
  • Handicap accessible
  • Takes coins, bills, debit/credit cards and Smartphone “tap” payments

What kinds of snacks and drinks do we offer?

Here are our most popular selections below. For a complete list, feel free to contact us.


Crunchy Snacks

Chewy Snacks

Other Snacks